The Mindjack Murders

Detective Jack Stewart Investigates

The corpses stack up as as Detective Jack Stewart investigates a chilling series of murders in Wellspoint, Ohio. Along the way, each revelation brings him closer to a sinister plot that could spell doom for mankind.

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Detective Jack Stewart is thrown into an investigation of a chilling series of murders, all linked to a shadowy faction with possible extraterrestrial origins. This group, wielding a secret and revolutionary memory transfer device, aims to hijack human bodies and seize power.

As Jack investigates, he fears his own Chief of Police may be involved. A dubious relationship emerges with the digitized mind of the prime suspect. This tense relationship thrusts Stewart into a vortex of deceit, seduction, and betrayal, challenging him to trust either the machine within the man or the man within the machine.

As Jack grapples with the ethical minefield of this secret technology, he struggles to balance upholding the law, managing intimate relationships and stopping the wave of murders. How can he outsmart a foe who always seems one step ahead?

"The Mindjack Murders is not just a thriller - it's a four-day whirlwind of danger, deceit and dark technology - a gripping tale by one of the most visionary new writers of our time."

Author Information

M.A. Mollenkopf is a retired U.S. Army Warrant Officer and cybersecurity specialist who enjoys writing software and science fiction stories.

As a child, he wanted to be an astronaut and was subsequently inspired by Robert Heinlein’s Space Cadet novel which made him an instant, lifelong fan of science fiction.

He is married and lives in Georgia with his wife.

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